Don't allow fear to dictate what you produce.

Hey Winner,

The time is now to awaken with a renewed mind of productive thinking. Challenging the negative thoughts, unjust moments and fearful tactics that we have allowed to keep us in a fast paced world moving like a snail. We just witnessed our current leader and a potential leader remind us that we must take charge of our faith and not allow man to dictate our outcome.

It's a new decade and we find ourselves excited about new opportunities, yet we still have the mindset riddled with fear and little faith. It is concerning that we are in the 10th month of the year and many of us are moving along in a trance with no real posture of growth and poductivity. Stuck in a worldly funk with no Godly power. .

I encourage you to move forward in purpose while being fearful. It's not a sin to win while in pain or feeling a sense of loss. Those are real emotions that do require some leverl of attention to decipher what the test was in the trial. Do not create mental boundaries that that holds you hostage with an overwhelming feeling FEAR . Remove the guraded fence from your mind and awaken to endless possibilites of being your most productive self ready to win. If you are used to being behind bars, begin thinking of yourself free and walk in freeadom not fear.

The impact of this first year of 2020 will leave a lasting impression on the psyche. Mental Health Awareness is deficient at best in many communities, however if you really are ready to tackle the demons that plague our minds at night, causes us to be fearful and not confident in who we are or just needing to rethink your reality, it all begins with your faith. Faith to believe like you did the first time!

Do you have enough faith to try, dare to dream and praise God until your dream becomes your reality. Your brain is a powerful tool that is rarely used to its fullest potential. It's time to declutter your mind and shift the mental files forward that are designated to allow you to think, feel and know that you will shift forward in faith and not fear. What are your afarid of, being successful?

Fear will not dictate how you produce if you are focused on being productive!

Today We Win!

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