The Amazing You is on the Way!

Amazing is on the Way!

Early one Sunday morning, I was in a place of prayer and consecration. Reading scripture and a few pages of Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson. There was a section that is subtitled Amazing Is on the Way. I felt drawn to this chapter as it spoke to my current place in life. Amazing is on the way! I genuinely believe that. Recently, God has allowed me to experience some really great things and opportunities have opened from a leap of faith in early 2020. That was such an amazing feeling to reflect upon. So grateful am I.

As my reading continued and I am highlighting sections to go back and reflect upon, he challenged me to think about Amazing differently. There are many instances in the bible where God used people, allowed them to do truly awesome things and overtake lands, tear down walls, defeat giants and tame lions. Those are amazing stories of great winning moments. Moments of protection and covering through and through.


There were also instances in the bible where we read about people who gave their lives and died. Persecuted or killed for believing in our Lord. Experienced some of the more horrific deaths that was more barbaric than the current day death penalty. I could not imagine. Yet they are also amazing.

Why are they amazing? Because they remained in the will of God. Their lives reflected his Glory.

As we begin to think of what we want and desire, we must also think of what God’s will is for our wants and desires. Naturally, most people want to do super great and impactful things and have riches upon riches to show for it. That is not where our true honor lies. Do not base your self-worth on your net worth! Many of us will have opportunities to do great things, but why are we doing them? What motivates you to do good? Is it money or his will?

I would encourage you to pray and ask God what his will is for your life. Reflect on your intentions to weed out any selfish gain. We are here to serve others. As we do unto the least of them positively, we are doing unto our lord. The same goes negatively.

Matthew 25:40 kjv

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these

brothers and sisters of mine,

you did for me.”

Being amazing is a personal state of being. It is your decision to have a mindset that is truly focused on being that amazing person. But being amazing does not come without its own battle scars. Just as much as I may have been given wonderful opportunities, I have also been in unfavorable situations. Such as my family undergoing difficult times, my daughter in a horrible car accident, professionally and ethically being attacked. The amazing thing is, because of my obedience God covered, protected, and provided.

On your quest to be your most amazing self, trust and know that it is far greater to be amazing for his will then anything else. Your Heavenly Net-worth is far greater than what you can accumulate here on earth. Get to know you through God. Pray and stay focused on his word. Doing his will is our greatest victory. He get’s all the Glory.

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