Not Even This!

Today We Win!

The more it’s declared the more we are challenged. Yet those thorns or challenges keep us so ever in his presence. We don’t speak these word because it may be catchy or sound good. We say those words daily because it’s our belief, mindset, faith our story.

Last night could have been different. A little more to the left could have made for a different post. But God!

This is not the time to get fearful or not trust. Our God is so amazing. He protects us and covers us even through this. My baby girl is alive, not hurt and was able to crawl out the other side. She’s destined to do God things and not even this will stop us.

Thank you Lord!

Win through your not even this moment. Say Hey Winner to yourself daily and declare that nothing will stop you from winning with God leading, covering and protecting.

The blood!

Thank you lord for Today We Win!

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