Inconvenient Obstacles ~ Blessings

Inconvenient Obstacles

As I sit here in a space of inconvenience, I’m reminded that no obstacle can stop your divine purpose.

Often times we get so self involved and super busy that we forget to pay attention.

Attention to the way that’s being made even through the self declared inconvenience.

This inconvenience has given me a lot!

  1. Time to reflect and plan

  2. Time to slow down enough to open my eyes

  3. Time to be thankful that the inconvenience didn’t put us in danger. It actually protected us.

  4. Time to take care of my daughter.

  5. Time to enjoy the surroundings the inconvenience afforded me.

  6. The time needed to address the moment that doesn’t interfere with anything else.

Thankful for the inconvenient obstacle!

As we continue this day, I say I am thankful for this blessed interruption to plans that truly didn’t matter. Yet allowed me to think on things that are more of God’s desire.

I challenge you to look at your obstacles differently. Optimistically realize that through it all, you will be well. Know that not even this moment will not cause you lack. The blessing is already dispatched.

Stay in place to receive it.


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