Hey Winner! Start Again Differently

In the past few months I have been on a ride of emotions that has caused me to learn me in a different way. It’s interesting when we are accustomed to toxic and painful environments or situations we find ourselves numb to the pain or at least willfully addicted to it. Maybe we think we are doing good for others or purposes to go through as part of the journey.

Or maybe we are afraid of the uncertainty change will bring. These few weeks has me looking at life and people differently. Humbling accepting God’s changes in my life and repenting for not moving or dealing with my addiction masked as doing good.

So here’s the challenge. Open yourself up to your new! New opportunities and challenges that may be more fruitful than your past experiences. Reflect on your why and be cautious with whom you allow yourself to engage and “help”. Be honest with your no because everyone doesn’t deserve your yes!

Protect your mental state of mind in this season. Guard it and make your needs a priority just as you make others your priority. Trust trustworthy people and believe folks actions the first time. Lastly, seek God and his wisdom in all things. Follow through with his direction and boldly walk where he directs.

I’m so grateful for my journey yet if I can spare someone else, don’t get addicted to being needed, ignoring signs of toxic behaviors and apply too much of yourself where it’s not appreciated. Just as we are told on planes before it takes off, give yourself oxygen first before you give it away. Protect the oxygen in your space lest you suffocate No time for contamination in our Minds, Souls and Spirits.

It’s still A winning season!

Today We Win!!!

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