Finding Peace

In this season of your life do you struggle find Peace and hold on to it? I know I have my moments. Suffering from the potentially damaging place of helping others way too much can lead to an unsettling lack of peace.

One thing is for sure, recognizing the cause of this place may help guide you from it. You see it’s in my nature to protect and help others. That’s my Achilles Heel. Most times to a fault. Learning that those being helped are only as grateful as the moment they are in. Once they have received, they move on. Where does that leave the willful servant eager to help and serve, left holding the bag with daggers in their back.

I tell myself, yet Jesus died on the cross!

Lesson to learn here is to have a better discernment as to who receives your help, minimize your will do that you are not enabling others to steal your peace and dwell not in the chaos for which your peace was taken.

We will always be in a state of guarding our peace. That is part of our life’s lessons as we continue to mature. We also can learn to allow God to lead when working and serving people. Though we may face persecution for many of things, you will find peace in knowing that you serve from a pure place and you are covered by our father.

Do not expect from others what they can not give you. Realize that their purpose in your life is to help you continually seek Gods presence and peace.

You will be finding Peace daily just as you receive his grace and mercy daily.

Don’t stop being his example, for he is the provider of your Peace. Find it in him.

Today We Win!

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