A New Year a New You

A New Year A New You

Joshua 1:9 "Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Don't be afraid or discouraged, for I the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go."

It is the ending of a year that still feels so new. All the excitement that the year 2020 brought to us. So many thinking of the great possibilities that came with not only a new year, but a new decade. Then three short months into the new decade, it happened. Life stopped and our way of living was challenged by our true new way of life. But how did you handle that newness? Did you find peace within the storm that continued to spiral out of control, or did you bury your head in the ground due to fear that the time caused or was it a little bit of both? Do you struggle with taking a next step?

Personally, my family and I found that we were challenged to make things work in a season that it was not supposed to. However, we decided to put our faith in an all-knowing God and ride it out. But there were personal moments of uncertainty that caused us to stay prayerful amid it all. A daughter who was heading off to college, a son away in the military and two left at home beginning new levels of school on the computer just as they finished off the year still trying to make it work.

By this time, the fall season is upon us, and we were at our personal breaking point. The Today We Win Journal was released and yet all hell appeared to be breaking loose. Did not feel like winning at all. Actually, I felt like I was moving along yet failing on the inside. I needed to refocus and center me! In the scripture God says to be determined and confident. I had no problem assisting others with this sentiment yet struggled with the confidence I needed. He also said to not be afraid or discouraged. Yet I was afraid of the unknown at times and felt a little discouraged by the events and situations going on around me. Hey, Winner, did appear to be hard to say from time to time. Human I am. Spiritual I work on being daily.

But this part, for I the Lord your God am with you wherever you go. This is where the excitement and faith kicks in. I can recall in different moments through out the year leaning to this resolve that he is with me no matter what. Though I had moments of unsureness, he is with me and he never failed me not one time. Thank you, lord!

So now here it is, another new year but what is more important is a New YOU! A new way of thinking, listening, and praying so that when the uncertain times come, your mindset never shifts from the fact that he is with us no matter where we go. So here it is, my resolution. I will be all that he has destined me to be according to his will and provision. Not my will or provision, not my thoughts or fears and not my own selfish desires. I only desire to please him and rest in him and he gets all the glory!

Walk in this new year as a New YOU! For he is always with you and will never leave you. Be confident and determined and not fearful and

discouraged. We got this!

Go ahead take that next step for real this time!

Today We Win!

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